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1979 Fender Stratocaster 25th Anniversary Collectible REDUCED

  • you're viewing a completely original 1979 fender 25th anniversary stratocaster with it's original case and accessories. this instrument was a floor model that never sold (new/old stock), until last year when i purchased it from the original dealer. this guitar is in great condition for the model, with a only a couple of minor exceptions:

    firstly, during it's time as a floor model this guitar suffered a chip in the lacquer on the end of the headstock-- this is visible in the fourth-to-last photo. also, because it was a floor model, it does show minor signs of wear such as scratches on the pick guard, backplate, and neck plate.

    finally, and most importantly, is the finish. fender had trouble formulating a stable finish for these anniversary guitars, with the first run of white guitars being recalled due to premature cracking.

    this second finish, porsche silver, does not suffer the same fault but at some point in this guitar's life the finish did become somewhat tacky, and since the guitar was being stored in it's case at that point the finish picked up some fuzz from the case lining. this is visible as tiny flecks of blue and most noticeable on the areas of the guitar that made the most contact with the lining, namely the back, bottom, and cutaways. fortunately, these areas are not very visible when playing the guitar. the dealer sent the guitar to a luthier who attempted to remove these spots, but since the finish is so thin he ended up going right through the finish. these spots can be seen in the third-to-last photo.

    also, this experimental finish has greened somewhat with age-- this tinting is hard to photograph and very dependent upon lighting, but the final photo attempts to illustrate this effect.

    included with the guitar is the original molded plastic hard case, tremolo bar, the "ashtray" bridge cover, original cleaning cloth, warranty paperwork, and the certificate of merit; which verifies that this guitar was actually made in 1979, and not 1980 like most later serial numbers you'll find out there. it's the heaviest strat i've ever picked up, weighing in around 10 pounds.

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